The Nesting Place


This was book was one that I was super excited to recieve. I love her blog and her overall message that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. This book was an easy read and I finished it in around a day. She came off as sweet and talked about how her home didn’t always look like the ones in the magazines. She also talks about how our homes can be beautiful and it doesn’t have to look perfect to truly be beautiful, that it’s what happens in the homes that makes it beatiful. She also shares how to decorate on a shoestring budget and still make your home look beautiful.

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Book Review: I’ve Never Been To Vegas


I follow Mandy Hale “The Single Woman” on twitter and I love reading her blog. I read her first book and didn’t really enjoy it, I thought that it didn’t go in depth enough about herself and felt like a bunch of short blog posts instead of an actual book. This book goes more into depth about her journey to becoming the single woman. She talks about finding her value in God instead of relationship with a man and how sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan but God’s hand is always on it. I really enjoyed this book and could really relate to it being a single woman and not looking for a relationship. It was a quick and easy and enjoyable read.

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Analog Weekend


So God lately has really been speaking to me about something, it’s been my social media usage. It’s not how of been using it but how much I am using it. It has become a God instead of God himself. I am constantly using it because I am so afraid of missing out but I am really missing out on the people around me. I am not being intentional and giving them my full attention, especially my daughter. She doesn’t deserve to have memories of a mother where she’s constantly hunched over a phone while she is playing. She deserves a mother that’s down on the floor playing with her. She deserves a mother that is on the floor with her making memories with her rather than a mother that is looking at someone elses memories and moments on Instagram.

So starting saturday I am challenging myself to reconnect with those around me and make memories. I am going to get off the internet while my daughter is up. I am going to worry about checking everything else in the evening.I am going to be intentional with her because she only little for so long and I don’t want to waste those moments away because you cannot get them back.

Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers


My three year old has never been into reading before bed until recently. She never would sit still long enough to enjoy the book. She’s realized now that reading before bed helps stall bed time and allows her to stay up just a little bit longer. One of the things I’ve been wanting to start to do is having bible time before bed and us read a children s bible. She has a baby bible but it was a little bit to short and didn’t have enough detail for her. This bible is perfect for little ones and their short attention span. She loves how it rhymes, the rhyming makes it snappy and easy to read. It goes into enough detail for little ones but not to much. This bible is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

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Love in Motherhood


I never truly understood the self sacrificing love of God until I had my daughter. I understood the love of God towards us as a parent. I understood how God hurts when we hurt and that he only wants to see us succeed.

One of the hardest things is watching my daughter struggle to speak and find the words to express what she wants to the world. She knows in her mind what she wants to say but she struggles so much to make her mouth say what she wants and have it come out clearly. She always runs to me as a parent because she knows that no matter how many times that she fails that my love is perfectly the same. God is exactly the same way. Even if we keep failing over and over again He is always there for us no matter what.

Loving a child is such a self sacrificing love. I would do anything for my child. I would go to the ends of the earth to make it easier for her to speak. I have given up so many things for and I don’t care. What I have given up for her is nothing compared to what I receive, it’s amazing. I can only imagine how God felt when he sacrificed his Son for all of our sins and failures.

Power Sheets


One of the biggest blessings that I have had this year is one of my friends gave me the Lara Casey powersheets as a gift. They are exactly what I needed. One of the biggest struggles I have had is I struggle to be organized. I love that they break everything down into steps because if things aren’t broken down I get to frustrated. 


I am loving the prep sheet part about getting to know myself. Since having my daughter I have wrapped myself up in being a mother and forgot who I am as a person. I thought that being a mother meant I abandoned my dreams because that’s parents do. I have given up a lot of things to be a mother but that doesn’t mean I give up my God given dreams to be a parent. I know that God wouldn’t give me dreams and put desires on my heart if they would hurt my daughter. I know that these power sheets are going to make 2014 awesome. Things are lining up and falling into place that I have prayed about. 

How To Really Speak Life


Words kill,

Words Give Life;

They’re Either Poison

Or Fruit…

You Choose

Proverbs 18:21

I just joined the Influence Network in the past month and I took first class. I choose to take the Speak Life class lead by Jessi Conolly of Naptime Diaries. The way I use my words is something that I have always struggled with. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and would be sarcastic and say stuff to my friends and didn’t even think about how I was hurting him. God put it on my heart back then that I needed to change how I used my words. I changed how I used them and tried to speak life instead of poisoning them with my words.

Lately though one of the areas I have struggled with is my daughter. I always seem to be to quick to anger and get to frustrated. I didn’t realize how much power my words have in her life. In her eyes when I get mad at her and don’t say words that give life I can see her crumbling to pieces in her eyes. This class was a wake up call regarding speaking my life into my daughters life. Even though she is three I can still pray over her every night and show her God’s love with my words. When I start feeling myself getting to mad I stop myself and step away for a minute and then come back when I cool down. If I have said something out of anger to her I apologize.

We all need to work hard on speaking life into other peoples lives because our words have power whether we think it or not.

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