How To Really Speak Life


Words kill,

Words Give Life;

They’re Either Poison

Or Fruit…

You Choose

Proverbs 18:21

I just joined the Influence Network in the past month and I took first class. I choose to take the Speak Life class lead by Jessi Conolly of Naptime Diaries. The way I use my words is something that I have always struggled with. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and would be sarcastic and say stuff to my friends and didn’t even think about how I was hurting him. God put it on my heart back then that I needed to change how I used my words. I changed how I used them and tried to speak life instead of poisoning them with my words.

Lately though one of the areas I have struggled with is my daughter. I always seem to be to quick to anger and get to frustrated. I didn’t realize how much power my words have in her life. In her eyes when I get mad at her and don’t say words that give life I can see her crumbling to pieces in her eyes. This class was a wake up call regarding speaking my life into my daughters life. Even though she is three I can still pray over her every night and show her God’s love with my words. When I start feeling myself getting to mad I stop myself and step away for a minute and then come back when I cool down. If I have said something out of anger to her I apologize.

We all need to work hard on speaking life into other peoples lives because our words have power whether we think it or not.

This blog is part of a link up with other ladies from the influence network.


6 thoughts on “How To Really Speak Life

  1. whitneyconard

    hey caroline, thanks for sharing your experiences. as a new mom, i definitely need to learn from you about how to speak life to my children. i know i won’t be perfect at it, but by God’s grace i DO want to speak life into their lives. thanks for sharing this on the link up!

    • Parenting takes so much grace and will test you in so many ways that you didn’t realize you could be tested. But there is so much love there too. I understood the love of God the father so much better after I had my daughter. Whitney I cannot wait for you to meet your new little one!

  2. callienicole7

    This is convicting to me because I notice the same thing when I get frustrated with my three year old son – he just deflates. But he lights up when I encourage him! I want to make sure I am handling situations with patience even when I am frustrated. Good reminder!

  3. The idea of speaking life to my daughter particularly hits home for me as well. Words hold so much power, and I know this, yet I’ve been really careless over time with how I use them with her, and like you, feel encouraged to change that habit.

  4. The way we speak to our children is so important! There is grace for when we mess up, but prayerfully we can hope in the fact that they would see Christ in us by the words that we say and by our actions.

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