Power Sheets


One of the biggest blessings that I have had this year is one of my friends gave me the Lara Casey powersheets as a gift. They are exactly what I needed. One of the biggest struggles I have had is I struggle to be organized. I love that they break everything down into steps because if things aren’t broken down I get to frustrated. 


I am loving the prep sheet part about getting to know myself. Since having my daughter I have wrapped myself up in being a mother and forgot who I am as a person. I thought that being a mother meant I abandoned my dreams because that’s parents do. I have given up a lot of things to be a mother but that doesn’t mean I give up my God given dreams to be a parent. I know that God wouldn’t give me dreams and put desires on my heart if they would hurt my daughter. I know that these power sheets are going to make 2014 awesome. Things are lining up and falling into place that I have prayed about. 


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