Love in Motherhood


I never truly understood the self sacrificing love of God until I had my daughter. I understood the love of God towards us as a parent. I understood how God hurts when we hurt and that he only wants to see us succeed.

One of the hardest things is watching my daughter struggle to speak and find the words to express what she wants to the world. She knows in her mind what she wants to say but she struggles so much to make her mouth say what she wants and have it come out clearly. She always runs to me as a parent because she knows that no matter how many times that she fails that my love is perfectly the same. God is exactly the same way. Even if we keep failing over and over again He is always there for us no matter what.

Loving a child is such a self sacrificing love. I would do anything for my child. I would go to the ends of the earth to make it easier for her to speak. I have given up so many things for and I don’t care. What I have given up for her is nothing compared to what I receive, it’s amazing. I can only imagine how God felt when he sacrificed his Son for all of our sins and failures.


4 thoughts on “Love in Motherhood

  1. mary

    I have a whole new understanding of God’s love for his children now that I have children of my own. Looking at that precious child, your heart bursting with love, it feels like their is nothing more powerful in the world. And then I think about how much MORE God loves me and all his children.

    Loved reading about you are living out that love! Beautiful story. Thanks for linking up with us 🙂

  2. Love your ideas here. When I need reassurance, I also think about Mary’s love as a mother. She knew that being a mother to her son would bring her pain, and she dealt with unbelievable suffering because of her motherhood. I think she is with all mothers to help us in our struggles.

  3. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of yourself with us. What a hard thing that must be to see your daughter struggle like that, and it is only through grace that you can have hope in those times! Your perseverance through those trying times is incredible and commendable. Thank you so much for your example. ~Jenna

    • Hope and the Grace of God is the only way that I have been able to get through it. Also knowing that God has His hand over her life. She has taught me so much about perseverance and not giving up, it’s quite amazing.

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